Palm Harbor Goose Enters Race For Honorary Mayor of Dunedin

Suncoast Animal League's mascot George the Goose has announced his candidacy for Honorary Mayor of Dunedin. Traditionally, the dog with the most pledge donations is elected mayor at Mutt March. Here's why George the Goose thinks he should be m

Thanks to the Suncoast Animal League for passing along this special announcement.

With only a few weeks left until the Suncoast Animal League's Mutt March and the election of the Honorary Mayor of Dunedin pending, Suncoast Animal League's mascot, George the Goose has reviewed the candidates and refuses to just let "every dog have his day." 

George is tired of the city being overrun with "Repuplicans" and "Democats". It's time for a candidate that is just as strong of a right-winger as a left-winger and George has both. 

So let it be known that on February 1, 2013, George is officially throwing his beak into the ring and proclaiming "I am Goose, hear me honk." Here are a few reasons George thinks he's the best goose for the job.

  • It is time for a candidate who can not only stand on a strong platform but also float in a kiddie pool.
  • It is time for a candidate who will take responsibility for the economy and say "put it on my bill."
  • It is time for a candidate who will re-write the rules and use stronger, more "fowl language."
  • It is time for a candidate who is not just about "stopping and smelling the roses" and is more about "just taking a gander."
  • It is time for a candidate who is proud to admit to a feather-brain idea.
  • It is time for a candidate who thinks snowbirds are a good thing.
  • It is time for a candidate who thinks a "lame duck" should see a veterinarian.
  • It is time for a candidate who is just a "good egg."
  • It is time to remember that everyone needs a "Good Goose."
  • It is time for George the Goose.

Vote for George as Honorary Mayor of Dunedin by going to this link

What is Mutt March?

Mutt March is a pledge walk with proceeds benefitting the Suncoast Animal League. It will be held Saturday, Feb. 16 at Dunedin's Highlander Park and features many events including the Honorary Mayor of Dunedin in which Dunedin Mayor Dave Eggers will proclaim one lucky dog (or possibly a goose) as the Honorary Mayor of the City of Dunedin. You can declare your dog as an mayoral candidate on FirstGiving.com The dog (or possibly a goose) that receives the most pledges will be elected Honorary Mayor of Dunedin. 

  • Check out the lineup of events at Mutt March

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